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Hannah's "HOPE" bracelets...

When our daughter was diagnosed with PHACE Syndrome and Moyamoya disease, we began to seek out ways to support sick children and their families. In 2011 Hannah began receiving treatment for PHACE Syndrome at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.
We were fortunate to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee. After that stay, we began collecting pull tabs for The Ronald McDonald House Charities. This project initially led to creating and selling bracelets using the pull tabs. 100% of the sale of these bracelets and her other HOPE products are donated to the charities listed below. It is our "HOPE" that one day there will be a cure for Moyamoya, PHACE Syndrome, and other diseases that are affecting so many children and adults. Hannah personalizes each of her "HOPE" products with a special pink or blue tab which represents her and other people dealing with PHACE Syndrome, Moyamoya, and many other childhood diseases. Please continue to save your pulltabs!  Since 2012, Hannah, her school, her friends and family have collected almost 2,000,000 pulltabs for The Ronald McDonald House! She's also raised over $6,000 for these charities!

e-mail us at: hannah@hannahshopebracelets.com



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Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald HouseIt’s something we see every day – children healing because they’re surrounded by their families. And while RMHC may not be able to make the medicine taste better or erase the pain of a much-needed treatment, we can help lessen the burden for nearly nine million families each and every year.

Since 1974, our network of local Chapters have been making children happier and healthier by keeping families together – giving them a place to rest and refresh. A place that feels like home. These programs, tailored to meet the urgent needs of each community, can now be found in more than 62 countries and regions across the globe.





Phaceing the Future imagePHACE Syndrome is the uncommon association between large infantile hemangiomas, usually of the face, and birth defects of the brain, heart, eyes, skin and/or arteries. It is an acronym that stands for the medical names of the parts of the body it often impacts:

  • P – Posterior fossa abnormalities and other structural brain abnormalities

  • H – Hemangioma(s) of the cervical facial region

  • A – Arterial cerebrovascular anomalies

  • C – Cardiac defects, aortic coarctation and other aortic abnormalities

  • E – Eye anomalies  
      If you would like to support PHACE Syndrome research with a financial gift, please click on the link below and be sure to designate your gift to the "International PHACE Syndrome Registry" or you can send a check or money order to the following address:                                            

  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin PHACE Syndrome Registry
    8915 W. Connell Ave
    P.O. Box 1997                
     Milwaukee, WI 53226

  • PHACESyndromeCommunity.org